We have extended our playground range again this year. The goods in this range such as climbing nets, swings, net brdges, rope ladders, climbing ropes and net sports equipment can also be found in our catalogue Huck Rope Technology. Please request this special catalogue from us.

golf practice net

Sport Nets and Ropes

Huck Sports Nets are used at important international events including the 2004 European Football Championships in Portugal, the 2004 World Ice Hockey Championships in the Czech Republic and the 2005 World Handball Championships in Tunisia.

rack guards in industrial setting

Industrial Nets

Industrial nets - a world of nets for technology and the environment.

Lifting, pulling, loading, covering, protecting, securing - in a technical world there is a world of nets. Scarcely any material meets the multiple demands of in company work as flexible and as cost effectively as the net.

construction safety nets, fall protection, Safety netting

Safety Nets

Welcome to the world of HUCK Safety Nets

Our sales program is sorted by different areas.Please select the area you wish and have a look at the complete range of Safety netting.

Also, you can download our newest Safety net catalog if you wish.